Philippines to offer 100% digital Courseware

To all our current and future Microsoft learning customers, as part of Microsoft's initiative to enhance the student learning experience, please be advised that printed Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) will no longer be available beginning June 1, 2015.

We at MISNet Education, Inc. will make the digital MOC (dMOC) available with immediate effect. Any course a customer enrolled to starting May 25, 2015 will be in digital format, unless we have remaining stocks of the printed version.

Skillpipe, the dMOC viewer is available for Android tablets, Windows tablets (such as Microsoft Surface), and Windows PC. Here are the benefits of using dMOC:

  • Research, analyze, and display information quickly and thoroughly 
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with other students and teachers.
  • Create, share, and view dynamic multimedia content such as Videos, audio clips, and slideshows.
  • Sign up for classes at the last minute and still come prepared with the necessary material.
  • Collate information and find answers faster through a full text search.
  • Access upcoming and past versions of your courseware.